Spontaneity, Nature and the Inner Child

Here in our world surrounded by many man made things, we can feel out of touch with ourselves and in turn out of touch with nature. Our concrete jungles have removed us from the pulsing life-force of our bodies and the natural vibrations of the planet.

With fast growing technological activity and fruitless wanderings we no longer feel the natural rhythms of life.

Many search their entire lives for spiritual meaning and this search can take us through time and space making us feel even more alone.

The feminine principle is once again beginning to resurface, injecting more balance and empathy into our lives.


Over the years through feedback from my students I have found that being playful, joyful and spontaneous is authentically who I am as a yoga teacher.

A sense of fun and friendliness brings out the lightness in both beginner and advanced and during classes students follow the flow of their breath, taking time to rest when ever needed.

Being both light hearted yet grounded at the same time helps us return to an understanding of movement and the spontaneity inherent in the body and nature.

Being present to how we feel is what yoga is about.

Creative yoga holidays allow people the time to explore their own creativity in an safe, open and joyful manner. Using poetry and song to guide people to playfully explore their beliefs, we then support each other to reintegrate what we discover off our yoga mat and into the world.

“We come on a retreat in order to advance”

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